This week the website will undergo a transformation and face lift...then it will be open to all. The constitution and by-laws will change and provide even greater opportunities for the entire homeschooling community across Nebraska.  (updated 7 Feb 2017)

All homeschooling families are welcome to join the Biggest Omaha Homeschool Group (BOHG) regardless of religious, political, ethnic, or any other affiliation.  Sharing ideas, experiences, and thoughts are some of the best ways to connect with others on your home education journey.

BOHG is a non-profit homeschool organization, dedicated to helping home educators in the Bellevue, Offutt AFB, Omaha metro and surrounding areas. We are an inclusive group, open to all religious beliefs and political points of view, without the need to commit to a specific affiliation. The organization does not hold to any particular religious or political affiliation. We do require that you be actively homeschooling to hold membership, and following the compulsory education requirements (filing paperwork annually) of the State of Nebraska.

Membership forms need only be completed if you desire your own personal gmail account with the following naming convention (  Why is this helpful?  It allows you to have a single place to conduct business, subscribe to different forums and websites without all their notices ending up in your "personal email" account.  A forward to your personal email account can be set up if you desire to avoid signing into two different accounts.  The choice is yours...simply fill out the membership request form, to get your own personal gmail account (comes with Google+, your own YouTube channel, a website creator, access to "Classroom" an online ability to create classes other students can take, etc.) once processed, you will receive an account creation notification in your personal email inbox with instructions to log in to your new BOHG gmail account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the fastest way to begin collaborating with other homeschooling parents now? 
     Send a request to join the closed group "Homeschooling in the Omaha Metro for Everyone (HOME)" Facebook Group: 

When will I receive notification of my approved account? 
     Accounts are created and managed as time permits.  

When are the Parent's Meetings:  
     None currently planned.